For you only

I went on a date last night. We met on I know what you’re thinking right now. It’s basically a hook-up app.  Now keep in mind that this was my first time ever using it. I’d heard the horrors, but I’d also heard the happy endings. One of my best friends met the love […]

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Boob Job

No dear. These babies are real. But I’ve been contemplating going under the knife. Now I like my boobs the way they are right now. Beautiful Cs. However, sometimes it’s frustrating when I go out with a low-cut top and everyone is quick to label me a “slut”. Tank tops in summer? Psshh I can […]

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Post Valentine’s Blues

I’ve been single for a long time. Way too long. Everytime I see a couple on the street or in a movie, I miss that feeling. The butterflies, the dinner-and-movie dates, the random flowers just because they were thinking of you, the secret love notes on your desk.. I’ve never had a passionate love affair. […]

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Embarrassing Moment #543

I have a secret. I don’t like wearing underwear. No, it’s not because I like to look slutty or show off. I just feel more comfortable without underwear than with them on. But of course, this kind of lifestyle has its drawbacks. The #1 being you always have to be careful when walking outside with […]

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Naked Dreams

I love being naked. It’s free, non-restricting, lets your body breathe. But the trouble arises when you share a room with someone and the last thing you want is accidentally flashing your butt in the morning. Then how do I let my body free at night? How do I fall in love with my natural […]

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I went shopping!

I was a great employee this past month. My work has this thing where they give bonuses every month (yaaasss!) and I worked really hard last month. Soo this means I went shopping! I took some nice shots in the dressing room for yall 🙂 Some of the goodies I grabbed: Couldn’t find any cute heels […]

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